Business and Corporate

The combination of both audio and visual stimulation in video makes describing complex concepts and ideas both memorable and easier to understand. At Orchid Film Studios, we believe that if you are trying to increase profits, increase customer interaction or provide compelling content, a well developed video will make that job much easier. In fact, in 2018, the consumption of video is the primary source of reaching out to potential clients. Reach out to us today for a free consultation how we can help you create a compelling product. 

Software/Web Tutorial Videos

A short tutorial can help your client have a better understanding of your product. Whether you need to teach your client how to use an app, how to set up an account or use a specific feature, we can help create a captivating video with voice overs.

Small Business

Online video advertisment has boomed in the last few years, help your business stand out with a creative and compelling video!

Real Estate and Aerial Drone Videography

Aerial Drone Videography is the latest craze, and there is a good reason why! Using drones, we can show off your property or building from an angle never seen before. Maybe you need to demo your new automotive or show off your farming technique on a tractor, at Orchid Film Studios we can accuratly portray what you need in the most effective ways.

Commercial Photography

Your business needs high quality images that capture the escense of your company. Orchid Film Studios can delivery crisp high quality images of your products, team in action and more!

Conference and Live Streaming

Our extensive knowledge in producing high quality videos from capturing multi-day long conferences to livestreaming a conference/discussion across the hallway onto a TV will help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to learn more about your audience or to teach future clients, Orchid Film Studios can help you.