Business and Corporate

The combination of both audio and visual stimulation in video makes describing complex concepts and ideas both memorable and easier to understand. At Orchid Film Studios, we believe that if you are trying to increase profits, increase customer interaction or provide compelling content, a well developed video will make that job much easier. In fact, in 2018, the consumption of video is the primary source of reaching out to potential clients. Reach out to us today for a free consultation how we can help you create a compelling product. 


Our extensive knowledge in producing high quality videos from multi-day long conferences is beneficial to your company. Whether you decide to use the videos for training or to resell on your website, a well-done video could bring in 100-300% increase in profits. 

Small Business

Online video advertisment has boomed in the last few years, help your business stand out with a creative and compelling video!

Real Estate and Aerial Videography

Everyone lists photos of their property, but only the best of homes have a video. Using the latest techniques and drones, we can capture your house from angles never seen before!