5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Every time I meet someone, the conversation always has a tendency to gravitate towards the topic of weddings. I love weddings! Creating beautiful arts of work that causes the brides to message me afterwards and tell me how they laughed and cried through the entire thing is what keeps me pushing forward in this industry. But one point that always surprises me; how often couple decide to not hire a wedding videographer. Approximately 38% of all couples DO NOT hire a wedding videographer, and of that 38%, 98% regret after the day of the wedding that they did not hire someone. Don’t let yourself or your friends fall into that 98%, and here are a five reasons why!


1. Relive the Day through Movement and Sound

Still photos are bound to capture moments mid action, whereas a wedding film will capture the movement and sound from multiple angles. It’s not just a photo of the bride walking down the aisle, it’s a moment where the bride glances up at her father, smiles, and keeps walking forward. Your first dance, the bouquet toss, the first kiss- all captured in a moving video where the action flows from one event to the next. It’s incredibly important that your videographer not only captures your entire day, but can edit the videos into your own personal movie that will make you laugh and cry; it’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding

2. Be a Movie Star in your own Film

Wedding videography has transformed drastically. With each year, it evolves more and more into a cinematic experience. When you hire a videographer nowadays, you are in a sense hiring a director, to create a short movie of the day. A movie where the Bride and Groom are the main characters and all the guests are the background actors. Videography is now much closer to a Hollywood experience than wedding films have ever been. The bride has her beautiful white dress as her costume, the Groom has rehearsed his lines for the vows,  and the backup characters (your guests) are scattered all over the place praising you. After spending so much time and money on creating this movie set, why would one not want to have it filmed and edited? It’s the perfect opportunity, and it only comes once a lifetime.

3. Different Angles and Missed Moments

Your wedding day will be go quickly, incredibly quickly. Most people underestimate just how fast it all goes; one moment you are walking down the aisle, the next thing you know, the DJ is announcing the last song for the night. There will be many moments in between where you just will not remember. The flower girl throwing petals on the ground, the wedding party walks down the aisle and the groom sitting your mother down as she is shedding a tear, what do all these have in common? These are moments that happens as the bride is waiting for her cue to walk down. All of these are missed moments that she will not see. And the many little moments you do remember, such as standing in front of all your guests while someone is saying a speech, imagine if you could see your reaction from the guests’ perspective. Capturing a wide angle moving shot really adds perspective that a regular photo cannot capture.

4. No Regrets

Remember the statistic above about how 38% of people did not hire a videographer and then 98% regretted not hiring one? If you break those numbers down even further, that means of all the brides, MORE than 99% would hire a videographer if they could do their wedding again. Asking many of my married friends/relatives, every single person has highly recommended to get their wedding recorded on video. When you look towards your big day, a videographer may seem like a luxury, but looking back, it’s more of a necessity.

5. An Heirloom Investment

The real importance of a beautiful wedding video, is the long-term ancestral investment. It’s not just a gift to the bride and groom, it’s also to their children and their grandchildren. Most of our parents have photos of their wedding day, but how awesome would it be if you could actually see your mother or father laughing and being young again? How great would it be to relive their wedding day in a short, cinematic wedding film and see mom slap cake in dads face. You can make this a reality for your children, and make them a relive the day each time they watch your film. It’s simply capturing all those magical moments in a short 10-minute video, and letting the sounds and memories rush back. The sentimental aspect will be incredible; videography is a way for you to bring life from a 2D photograph into a feeling brought on by motion and sound.

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    The Difference Between Wedding Videography and Cinematography


    What do you think of when you hear “wedding videographer”?

    Most people nowadays would say something along the lines of, “someone who walks around at your wedding with a video camera and films you and your family, capturing memories for you to watch afterwards”. And if you asked those people to paint a picture of what the videographer does, they would draw a person, holding a large camera on their shoulder, walking around interviewing guests and standing still, off in the shadows, filming the beautiful couple dance.

    And this is why wedding videography sometimes gets a bad rep. Let me explain…. Commence short history lesson!

    Back in the day, when the concept of filming your wedding first came about, videography took the form of a documentary style edit. Videos would be recorded from a standstill tripod like mentioned above, the B&G (Bride and Groom) took that tape home and watched a video-esque home-style wedding video for 2-3 hours. Everything was filmed with a “big and wide picture” feel of your wedding; so no moments could be missed but no significant emphasis on detail or emotion. There were not cuts to details, no extra close up shots of the rings and no good audio if the camera was not close enough. Sort of like, when you whip out your smartphone at a concert: everything is very zoomed out, the singer you are trying to film is tiny in the distance and the audio is only understandable because you know what song he was playing.

    Then something revolutionary happened; the beautiful photos that photographers had been capturing for many years, were now able to be captured in a video. Done were the days of 15 pound cameras on a tripod. DSLR’s came in weighing 2 pounds! The level of portability changed dramatically. The production value of wedding videos skyrocketed and within a very few short years, the industry standard for wedding video had changed. It was now wedding cinematography.

    So what does this new fancy “cinematography” word mean for the wedding industry? Nofilmschool.com defines it perfectly well, “We craft images from scratch, and use the tools at our disposal in order to ensure that the images not only drive the story, but that the images themselves are inherently meaningful in some way or another. It’s all about having a unique vision for what you are creating, then using your knowledge of lighting, lenses, composition in order to fulfill that vision.”

    It means a larger emphasis on detail. A cinematographer captures the raw emotions when the groom first sees the love of his life. It means clear audio will be recorded when your maid of honor decides to give a touching speech. When the bride walks down the aisle, her beautiful smile will stand out among the crowd like never before. And we cannot forget the crazy grandmother from New York who decides to have a dance off, whose happiness and joy will be embedded in your film for many decades to come.

    What about the end product that you end up watching once your wedding is over? A cinematic video means instead of taking 2 hours out of your day to watch it, you only need 10 minutes. It means instead of the wedding video consisting of only the ceremony through the reception, it goes all the way to the beginning of your day when the bride and her bridesmaids get their makeup done together, all the way through the first look, the beautiful photography session, ceremony and till the last sparkler goes off in the midnight sky. All within a cinematic 10-minute video.

    So how does one summarize all of this? What does it mean when you hire a wedding videographer/cinematographer nowadays? It means you are hiring a professional who understands the way light works, how to compose a shot that will be most memorable. To create a unique, original film where the level of quality matches cinematic movie, where the colors will pop out of the screen, and your guests’ speeches will come in crystal clear quality. You’re not just hiring another videographer to make a video that will collect dust; you’re hiring someone to make a film, your film.



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