Max Makhnyk

My name is Max Makhnyk [mm-awe-hh-nick], I grew up in the city of Spokane, Washington where the idea behind Orchid Film Studios  was born. I got married to my beautiful wife Sarah in the Summer of 2017. She is my number 1 supporter and encourager, and helps me with every wedding film I make! Going through the wedding process myself, has helped me understand what other couples are experiencing and I try to make the entire videography process as seamless with their wedding planning as possible.The adrenaline rush I get from making your story into a film is one of my greatest joys. But it is not the greatest. The greatest joy is getting a message from a client saying how well their video turned out and how we went above and beyond what they expected. Now that is what I strive for and will do whatever I can to make your day that much better!


On a more general note, I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and my full time job is as an Electrical Engineer in Spokane, WA. The outdoors is my next best friend and I never pass up an opportunity to go hiking, exploring and being spending quality time outdoors. Filming is strictly a hobby for me, and because of this I take on a limited number of weddings each year; this way I can dedicate more time to working on every single video clip; perfecting the colors, framing the shots correctly and removing imperfections. And this is why I love doing what I do!


We are also VERY proud of our latest award by EXPERTISE for labeling Orchid Film Studios amongst the top 10 videographers in Spokane! Thank you so much!